Safety Tips


Date Night is about meeting people and having fun, and user safety is a priority.

Your safety is Your responsibility, but here are some tips to stay safe while on Date Night.

Remember, each person’s circumstances are different, so please ensure that You take the time to learn how best to stay safe according to Your circumstances.


What Personal Information Are You Providing?
It's always best to get to know someone before providing any personal information such as your phone number, home address or work address.

Have You been asked for Financial Information?
Never give out your financial information including bank account or credit card details. If anyone asks you for this information, cease contact and report them to police and to us (if another user of Date Night) on, so we can do something about it. We can’t necessarily report the matter to the police on our own but we can terminate that user’s Account.

Do you have mutual friends?
Use Facebook and other social media to see if you have mutual friends.

Keep in contact through Date Night
Keep in contact through Date Night rather than using another mode of communication until you are comfortable giving out other contact details such as your phone number and you must not ask another user for this information until it is clear they are happy to give them.

Use the Date Night Settings
Preserve your privacy, consider the age range and the distance of people you wish to meet.

Report Date Night Fails
As set out in the Terms, if you become aware of a Date Night Fail, report it to


Meet in Public
Choose a central, public and populated place that you both know well. Don’t meet in remote, new, private or quiet places.

Should it be a Group Date?
Sometimes, it’s best to meet up in a group. Suggest bringing friends.

Tell Someone
Before you go on a date, tell at least one, but preferably more than one, friend or family member the date, time, location, and the name and contact details (if you have them) of that person.

Set Up a Call
Have someone call you during the date to check on you.

Ensure You have Transport
Make sure you can easily get to and from the meeting place. If you can, have someone collect you.

It’s fun to have a drink, but consider whether the circumstances are right.

Get Help
If you feel uncomfortable and want to leave, call a friend or family member, try asking the venue for assistance, or, in an emergency, call 000.

Consider what you need to preserve and maintain your health. Be prepared: this may include contraception.


In case of an emergency, call 000.

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